run flat

  1. J

    Help!! Non start

    Hi there iv had the runflat indicator light (esp) turn the key and nothing wont start crank turn off on will start everything works curise control ect all tyres are find no puncture and pressures are find i have read the fault code using the icarsoft mercedes reader and snapon also autologic...
  2. R


    apologies if this as been asked before I'm new to the forums, I need to replace 2 rear tyres on my Eclass 275/35/19, they are currently run-flats however im wondering if i need to put run-flats on or not as there is a huge difference in price so im wondering what are the pros and cons of...
  3. T

    W213 All-Terrain Run-flats/Spare/Winter options

    Has anyone experience of running this car on run-flats. The current tires are 245x40x20 front and 275x35x20 at the back. I would prefer the additional safety offered by run-flat tires (The hard shoulder at night is a truly scary place even for a couple of minutes) but I don’t want to compromise...
  4. N

    How to Reset 2009 SL350 (R230) Tyre Pressure Warning?

    Hi Kids. OK quite possibly having a very senior moment with this one, but just had the rear off side tyre replaced after the sidewall was punctured. Now all four boots are at their correct pressures but quite obviously the dash is asking me to reset the the tyre pressure set up after the tyre...
  5. D

    Sometimes car wont start, ESP inoperative

    Hi everyone, I have a strange problem with my W212 E-Class, this happens more in the cold but still happens from time to time even when its warm. If I go to start the engine, nothing happens and the computer tells me that the ESP is inopoerative and that the run flat indicator is inactive, I...
  6. W

    2009 e320: Restart Run Flat Indicator

    Hi, As detailed in my other Thread on a different subject I swapped the back wheel and the front wheel over (and back again). Ever since then I have had the warning message "Check tyres, then restart Run Flat Indicator" (as per picture). I've tried loads of things to reset it, but I just...
  7. B

    Run flat warning BUT system not installed!

    Hi, I have an e320 cdi V6 2008 model and it has started to give a dashboard warning - 'Check tyres and restart run flat indicator'. The rub is the tyre pressure monitoring system is NOT installed on this car! I have tried pressing the r button and the message goes away but just comes back...

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