rust repair

  1. C

    Vito w368 Rust Repair Recommendations

    Need some rust repairs near subframe mounting, and other common areas. Has anyone got any recommendations for who can help? ideally in the North East, It’s a camper with a good spec so I’m keen to keep it on the road. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated
  2. TheGaffer

    W124 / C123 /S124 E Class Coupe

    Hi People, so over the weekend i decided to attack the rot on my E Class Coupe (C124) that yes you guessed is the rear sub frame front mounts. If you did not know and own these models i suggest you whip of your wheels and have a dig with a screw driver, although your see the rot easy enough if...
  3. J

    I need help with buying a grinder

    Hi I recently acquired my dads old 190e which has a bit of rust. I was going to attempt to try and repair it myself but I want to buy a grinder to do it. I'm wondering if any pads will fit any grinder. Also if anyone could recommend a grinder that they have used before it would be greatly...
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