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    1995 W140 S500 Misfire/ rough idling, Need assistance to restore/ refresh.

    Have a UK 1995 W140 S500 PF has 125,000 miles, car cuts has a rough idle and misfiring, it wasnt doing this when i first got it,(1 day) was idling a bit rough lowering and going back to stable. anything to look out for? It has new fuel pump. is this a fuel issue or electronics issue...
  2. G

    2007 W221 S500 Tv tuner

    Hi all Just bought a 2007 S500. Have a question about the TV tuner someone might be able to answer. It turns on but its like it has no reception now it might be the case that it does not work in Ireland at all. But it is an orginal Irish car. There is a list of station but the only number...
  3. K

    About to pick up 1993 W140 S500

    I had a W140 S280 years ago, downgraded (that's the way I saw it) to a used W220 S320 that turned out to be a bit of a lemon, and have been through plenty of contemporary cars since (mainly company cars) including Volvo XC90, Ford Mondeo 2ltr estate Titanium X, Toyota milk float, Renault Megane...
  4. L

    remove coolant temperature sensor in my 2001 S500 mb

    somebody knows how to remove coolant temperature sensor of a 2001 S500 mb? please let me know. will really appreciate your help.
  5. W

    2003 S500 Boot won't close flush

    Hi All, Newbie here. I've done a search but haven't found any posts with the specific problem i'm seeing. I have a 2003 S500 and when i press the soft close button on the boot the boot closes flush but THEN I hear the motor continue to whirr and the back of the boot lid (by the pivot...
  6. R

    Driving in 'W' Mode

    Hello all! W140, S500, 1996 (five speed): Driving in 'W' mode feels smoother and lighter than the 'S' mode for a reserved driver like me. The vehicle starts out in 2nd gear and shifts up earlier too. Could it harm the gear or the engine in any way if always driven in W mode. Regards
  7. R

    Suspended with Suspension!

    Hello forum! My warm wishes to every forum member. I don’t own an MB yet. Need help from the learned members in buying one. My prospective purchase is a mint condition W140, S500, 1996, dark blue, 138,000 KM, engine, transmission and braking system in full form, all options, gadgets and...
  8. robertjrt


    This morning at Bow County Court I was granted my application for two Injunctions against Mercedes-Benz. For those of you who are familiar with my long running sage this should be a turning point. I should have my car back next Monday:D I have an appointment booked for an Inspection and after...

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