sap v2

  1. ken555

    Sending DTMF tones

    Hi there I have a MB Sap v2 mobile hooked to a Audio 20 CD in our 2006 (facelifted) S211 E320 CDi. It is (Sucessfully) paired with my wife's and my own Samsung Galaxy S 2. The only thing that's causing a problem is sending of DTMF//Touch tones to various systems. Can it be done ?
  2. DavyYoung

    Help needed from a Fone guru

    Hi all, can I ask for some help on yet another telephone question ? I have been trying to get the prewired kit in my 05 E320 W211 to work. Well I thought it was prewired, now I dont know. It has the connector in the centre arm rest, to which I have connected a SAPv2, nothing shows up. I...
  3. S

    SAP V2 Bluetooth & Nokia N97

    Can anyone tell me whether an N97 is fully compatible with the SAP V2 Bluetooth that I have installed on my MB E220 CDI with COMAND??

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