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    Bluetooth Cradle SAP v3 Compatibility Issue?

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2006 A Class A200 Elegance with Comand and telphone pre-wire (Code 386). I have purchased a Mercedes SAP Bluetooth V3 cradle (Part Number A2129068600). On fitting the cradle into the centre armrest phone socket the cradle is not recognised by the Comand (Tel button...
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    [Wanted] MB SAP V3 Bluetooth Unit

    Hi, Just bought an 08 Merc and it is prewired for phone. Spent a good hour understanding all the options for bluetoothing my blackberry and I'd like to go for the MB SAP V3 Unit, but at best part of £400 new its a bit rich for my taste so wondering if there was anyone out there with a used one...

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