sat nav probs

  1. L

    SAT Nav & LCD Screen jumping

    Hi All - I have just bought my first ever Mercedes. I have the ML250 AMG on a 64 plate. Love the car however when using the Sat Nav, if I go over a bump on the road the screen flickers and I get a navigation module message up and then it flicks back to the guidance map but constantly flicks...
  2. bertg

    Faulty Becker Map Pilot

    I have a w246 with a faulty 8Gb Becker Map Pilot unit. because i didn't buy it from Mercedes they aren't interested, can anyone help?:-x
  3. E

    Comand Sat Nav not reading DVD Disc

    My Comand Sat Nav has decided to stop working on my 2005 E220 Estate. It says there is no disc inserted. The disc looks fine and it works in my friends Merc. I've tried his disc but get the same message. I've tried disconnecting all the cables and reconnecting but the problem remains. I have...
  4. L

    w211 how can I improve the command sat nav ngt1?

    Just bought a 2007 E320 with command sat nav (ngt1, DVD). I am now deeply unimpressed with the Command Sat nav compared to my 2 year old garmin "just stick in on the window" sat nav (or the two similar I have had before it over the last 10 years!). It does not seem to have full post code...
  5. A

    sat nav audio 50 aps

    morning all, i have a mercedes c22o cdi , with built in sat nav, came with 7 cds for it, we lost the uk disc1 b67823388,a1698271759. does anyone have a copy of it? ive been back to mercedes, and they will only sell compleat set of 7 disc, which i find daft as i have them all just not disc1, if...
  6. A

    Air con and sat nav faults

    I have a 2004 211 E320 CDI. I have a fault with my A/C. When I get in the car I turn on the A/C. The air con will not start working until I have traveled about a mile to a mile and a half. Once it starts working its fine. I started by having the A/C recharged and they told me that it is working...
  7. C

    Control Unit problems

    Hi, Have ,sat nav probs, on S320CDI 2004 model, had new aerial fitted, lattitude and longitude still out, so has me in Norwich, when nowhere near. Merc dealer thinks may be Control Unit, MA2118708926/80 part number. Did swap one in, which meant Sat Nav worked, when they originally thought it...
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