1. D

    W221 s350 blower motor always on

    Hi all, looking for some information re my s350 , it seems water has been getting in to the blower motor, this in turn blew the SAM unit , the garage replaced the Sam unit , blower, blower control unit , actuator. But can’t seem to get the blower motor to function correctly, it runs constantly...
  2. A

    Hi. New and proud owner of a 58plate sclass. Bluetooth issues

    I am having some issues connecting my galaxy s7ed to my sclass. It says it's recognised and connected but there is no connection to my phone. Is there a software update needed for my car? Thanks in advance Alex
  3. G

    Brabus D6s and S350

    Hi all, New to the forum so Welcome all. I'm Having the Brabus D6s ECU fitted to my car today which is a 7 speed S350 SWB. Just wondering if there were any other members with this fitted as I'm not sure what sort of improvement I can expect. There seems to be very little feedback anywhere from...
  4. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes S500 AMG Remapping

    Hey guys, We have loads to update on the forum so I thought we would start with an awesome MY2014 S500 AMG! This comes equipped with the 4.6 BiTurbo lump which from factory is very torque heavy indeed! Running the Bosch MED17.7.3 management very much like the 5.5 BiTurbo ECU's which...

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