seat adjustment

  1. G

    Passenger seat unfolding problem

    Hello, I have a small problem that is difficult to solve in my Mercedes! The model is C220 Coupe W204, the problem is as follows: When I fold and pull the seat for someone to enter the back seat, he previously "kept" the position in which the seat was so that when I unfolded it, he wouldn't go...
  2. finnishbenzowner

    W216 CL63 Seat

    Hi all! I have this 2007 CL63 and its a beautiful car. But I have a problem with it: My passenger seat’s shoulders doesnt go fully empty. Its almost as full as possible and it drains just a little bit. I have tried the classical ”Take your battery off for 3 minutes and all your problems are...
  3. M

    Seat controls - either on door or on the seat

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a 2005-2008 CLS, and I would like to clarify something please. In some cars I've looked at the front seat movement controls are on the door panel, near the door opener. On others the seat controls are on the seat itself, on the front outside corner of the seat...
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