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    Srs locked belts

    Hi guys Recently a car crashed into the back of my 2006 b class that I have now bought back off the inurance company. Minor damage needs rear bumper and boot. The srs light and airbag light are on and the seat belts are locked. How do I go about repairing the belts? Thanks Tim
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    Seat belt Pretensioner - Handing

    I have recently suffered a seat belt pretensioner, (SBP), not recoiling in my W209 SLK320 Coupe of 2003 which has now been replaced by another which looks identical to the one removed in all aspects; it functions perfectly. However this has produced a fault in the instrumentations logic which...
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    Seat belt replacement 03 S350

    Just replaced my drivers seat belt the original problem was it was getting jammed when the car interior heated up. Just fitted the new one (USED) and now getting a message that the pre safe is no longer active. My question is does the new seat belt need coding? The replacement belt itself is...
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    W211 - front driver seat belt replacement

    Hello All My f/o seat belt is fraying and probably won't pass the next MOT, having given it a shave twice already. It's on a W211 270 Saloon 2003. What are the steps for removing and replacing the seatbelt unit. I've had a quick search and the nearest I found was the removal of the B...
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    Need help with the rear seats in my 2006 C220 Estate

    Hi guys, Happy new year. I'm really sorry if this is in the wrong section but I didn't know where else to post. Basically I went to pick something up last night for a friend and had to put my rear seats down. when I got home and was all finishing up and went to fold the left rear seat...

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