1. M

    c32 amg

    If anyone is interested in selling there c32 amg could you please drop me a pm. thank you.
  2. E

    350 SLK number plate for sale

    Good day, I own 350 SLK number plate currently on the market to sell. It is on reg transfers but willing to listen to offers through this site or email Please note that the number requires no alterations it is exactly how you read it, perfect for a SLK and Mercedes...
  3. C

    Private Car Reg. No.

    Anyone advise me where to sell my Private Car Reg. M9 CLC My x husband traded me in for a younger model :rolleyes: along with my car but luckily the reg. no. is all mine ;) Thanks
  4. P

    Advice on selling my CLK

    I am a new user on the forum and was looking for advice on selling my CLK privately. Received little interest thus far since I have advertised the vehicle on Autotrader but I have a feeling I may be asking too much, although vehicles with similar specs are higher in price. The vehicle is a...

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