1. imkaz

    [Spares] R230 - Gear Selector - Leather handle - Silver slotted cover

    Taken from an R230 SL Floor shift mechanism / gear selector - A2302675524 - £400 Shift level cover / Slotted cover - A2302670788 237885/Covering - £190 Selector gear knob handle (Sand colour) - A2302675610 / 8J07 237885 - £100 Photos will follow soon, PM me if you have any questions...
  2. J

    Gear box

    I would like to buy a second hand gearbox on ebay ,the part number is A1402712601 and I would like to ask you if there is any other compatibile gearbox model with my S320 ,2001 Mercedes.(for example I saw a lot of R1402712601 ,the number is the same just the letter is different)Thank you
  3. P

    Newbie W202 C200 owner - couple of intial probs!

    Hi Alll Firstly hello I've recently bought a 1998 C200 Auto Esprit Estate and am generally really pleased - it's immaculate for age, no rust everything working. First car I've felt proud to own! I'm determined to do more DIY on this car but am pretty much a novice but given the age/price I...
  4. E

    R129 Gear shift knob worn out/material pealing off

    My second car, a 1992 300 SL (80.000km and in excellent condition) has one ugly detail. The Gear shift knob's top part is pealing off, leaving the white plastic underneath to become visible. The lower part of the knob is made out of grey leather and this is still fine. Is this a one piece object...

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