shock absorbers

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    Suspension replacement on CLK A209

    Hello all I took my CLK for a wheel alignment yesterday, but was told the alignment is out of whack because of bad shocks (apparently passenger side is sagging so the toe/camber are all a mess). The alignment shop chap recommended me to replace all four shocks. After a day of internet trawl I...
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    Advice on non mercedes parts

    A rear shock on my GL320 has gone and I am looking to use aftermarket part. Does anyone on the forum have advise on the best supplier? the price variation is alarming.
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    Sports coupe shocks replacement for softer suspension

    I love my Sports Coupe 2007 (bought third-hand) but its sports suspension gives quite a hard ride. It seems unsuited to such a heavy, refined cruiser-style car, particularly an un-nippy diesel chugger, yet there it is. I have replaced the original 17 inch wheels and tyres with 16 inch and...

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