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    Noisy front offside wheel.

    My MB E320 CDI 211 (2003) is making a helluva noise from the front offside wheel, thumping (which I can feel on through the steering wheel) and a scraping sound on non bumpy roads at slow speeds. The scraping sound is almost like an exhaust heat shield is loose but it isn't that. When I brake or...
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    Suspension/Shockers - SL500

    Hi, I went to get wheel alignment done on my 2003, SL500 and the technician said that there was a leak coming from my rear shockers, but it wasnt too bad. Just wondering that when it reaches the 'bad' stage is there some indication that comes on the dashboard alarming to change it?
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    Hyrolic setting on SL500?

    Hi, In my car there is an option to raise, lower the suspension. It has two levels that the suspension can go up or down by. Just wondering what is the best level to drive the car at? Does it have any implications on hyrolics or suspension in general? Any other adv/disadv? Thanks

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