1. M

    CL500 W215 2004 sidelights can't remove.

    Hi, probably an easy one and I'm being useless but how the hell do I remove and replace my side lights on my 2004 W214 CL500? Normally you can just pull or twist, but is there a way of doing it? Is there a clip I'm missing as it's a very tight fit behind the headlights. Thanks.
  2. moj91

    W204 (Pre-Facelift) Keeps blowing sidelights...

    My W204 dislikes sidelight bulbs it seems (Pre-facelift) I changed them to LED (with canbus resistors built in, common type on ebay) and they all lasted no longer than a couple of months before failing. Yet the same ones, (same batch) have lasted well over a year and still going on our W220 S...

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