1. I

    Viano 2010 monitor

    Hello, I need a monitor from China for Mercedes Viano 2010, what monitor do you think is the best monitor? Please help
  2. R

    Can we make it sound like a V6?

    So just got my first ever Merc this week and it's a C350 CDI. Really loving it after getting a few things sorted, but I've noticed that it seems quite tame for a V6. Sounds like it's missing some grunt. Is that only achieved with an expensive exhaust upgrade? :eek:
  3. P

    MB C220 CDI Saloon 2013

    Dear All, I am new to this forum and need your help to sort out an issue with my MB. My car just came back from service today and I noticed an issue with the sound system in my car. My car has a beautiful OEM sound system with lot of bass effect but I noticed the x-factor in the cound was...
  4. McDonald

    Sound coming from offside rear

    There's a linkage or coupling sound coming from the back end of my R230, most noticeable at low speed on uneven surfaces. I'm guessing this is some element of the suspension. The car drives perfectly, but I hear this sound whenever I'm setting out from home. Any clues?
  5. Nathan Guymer

    E350cdi turbo sound

    Evening ladies and gents... All E350cdi owners. Can anyone else hear there turbo spool a little inside the car when under load? Mines always done it even with new turbo recently fitted. Just asking out of interest.
  6. Irresistance

    W220 - replacing speakers (by Bose ones?)

    Hello again Ok so today I tried to play some classical/opera music in the car and discovered that the speakers struggle/pop/screech when it comes to high tones. Clearly, not worthy of an S-class auto mobile. I read in other posts (Thanks Television!) that it is an exercise in dumbness to try...
  7. G

    Music/Sound one minute, then nothing!

    Hi all, I'm the happy recent purchaser of a C230K Coupe 2001, with command sat nav and all the extras... Bought the car on Saturday and during the test drive, had the music blaring nicely from the Bose system. Two days later, I have NOTHING! The command is on and shows the radio or cd...
  8. E

    Central locking R129 makes weird sound...

    Since a while now the Central Locking of my 300SL R129 makes a weird sound. As soon as the ignition is switched on a strange sound comes from the right rear part of the car. I checked in the trunk and it seems to be the Central Locking pump, something with a red knob that can be pushed in. Every...

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