1. R

    2017 C220 Premium plus Sport or AMG

    New here, but just looking to purchase my first MB! I've found a 2017 C220 Premium Sport in Grey, with 38k on the clock which looks good. I've also seen a few AMG models around but just wondered what peoples thoughts were between the Sport and AMG. Also has anyone got a Premium Plus model -...
  2. Ali Ayman

    EcoContact6 or ContiSportContact5?

    Hi guys, I have a 2018 C200 coupe which currently has two Jinyu front tyres, one EcoContact6 left rear, and ContiSportContact6 right rear. This is how it was when I collected it from the dealership. The rear tyres are wearing out and will need changing in the next 1000 miles and I was...
  3. Tom-B

    ML write off rebuild

    So I’m just embarking on a new project, I’ve been after a W164 for a while now for towing and thought I’d take advantage of a relatively simple rebuild project. After some scanning of Copart for a while, a relatively clean looking 320CDI came up with Cat N non structural damage to the front...
  4. J

    W212 E220d AMG sport lowering springs

    Hi does anyone have any advice on lowering a W212 E220d, it has the AMG pack so I think it has already been lowered by 15mm. I was thinking of lowering it a bit more as I think it would look really good. I have been told it could be lowered another 10mm or 20mm. Has anyone done this? I am...
  5. K

    Newbie here!!!

    Hi Everyone, I just bought a 2012 C300 4Matic Sport dressed in all white sitting on 17'' Black Rims! I actually never thought I would own a Benz until I walked into the dealership and test drove it and fell in love (was in need of a new vehicle anyway). My Mother owns a Benz as well and...
  6. S

    B class Sport - height from ground to front wheel arch?

    I have a 2008 B180 Sport and I keep grinding the front over speed humps :( The suspension is rock hard and it's running on 45 profile tyres on 17" rims I need to check to see if someone has lowered the car so if there are any B180/200 CDi owners with the Sport model on 17"s could they...
  7. Wheel

    Returning to the fold (yet again!)

    Well, I've done it. I've bought a 2012 Mercedes B200 Sport auto! Pick it up tomorrow. So that's my 3rd Benz now (or 5th if Smart counts!). My old B160 which I got rid of last year, was the old 1.5 petrol CVT, so bit of a slug. The B200 I'm getting has a bit more oomph, with a...
  8. M

    Mercedes CLK200k Sport 2005-2008 Buying advice

    Hi, I would generally like to know what to look out for when buying the car in the title For example what work should be carried out at certain service intervals? Mechanically wise what should I check for when buying the car? How much does this car retail between, as I have seen one that I...
  9. M

    Buying a Mercedes CLK200K Sport Coupe

    Hi I am interested in buying the model in the title and would like to know if a car I am looking at is genuine. This is because it seems cheaper than other cars which are similar. It is a 2005 clk sport model with fmbsh and 45k on the clock and is advertised by a private seller for £7,000. Thanks.
  10. C

    1999 C240 Sport smoking badly ?

    I have just bought this car with 76000 miles on it & i love it but a week to the day that i bought it i noticed a small amount of smoke be hind the car just round the corner from home, I left it parked overnight and started it the next morning to investigate it started giving whitish smoke...
  11. P

    c200 sport gearbox??

    Just bought a 1998 2 ltr c200 sport with engine code111945, acording to the Haynes book of lies, it should have auto trans number 722.4 but appears to have a 722.6. Is this because its the sport model?. anyway that helps as my car will not change up from first gear, after removing the sump and...
  12. J

    mercedes W204 c220 cdi sport rusty wheel bolts

    why cant mercedes coat there wheel bolts with something that lasts longer then 2 years?? I've just had my wheel bolts off my 2007 mercedes c220 sport Zinc plated, i'm sick of the rusty bolt look that you find with many newish mercedes on the roads. If your interested in replacing yours...
  13. F

    NEW E250 CDI SPORT with Pano etc

    Hello All in this forum, As the thread say's I'm getting E250 CDI Sport in white end of this month. One thing i SHOULD HAVE got is reversing camera... but I DID NOT. I wonder how difficult would be to get that in place by myself?? where to get a part number and camera it self? I DO HAVE...
  14. P

    E320 CDI Sport 18" Alloy Wheel

    urgently require an 18" sport "Twin spoke" alloy wheel after cracking existing wheel hitting a bad pothole in the road. Preferably a used rather than new. Can anyone help?
  15. zedmeister

    CLK320 W208 rear tyre wear - Continental

    Hi there, I have the stock 16" alloys on my 2002 CLK 320 Elegance. On the left rear a Continental Sport Contact 2 205 55 R16 91W MO fitment. The right was also fitted at the same time quite a few thousand miles ago. The right then needed changing due to an unrepairable puncture when they were...
  16. D

    Good Bye w203!

    Hi all Finally got rid of the c320. The problems just kept coming but thanks to all the help on this forum I could keep some of the costs down. Unfortunatley the RUST:mad:arrived. First the rear arches then the doors. Dont even mention the suspension Enough is enough! So what now? Go to...
  17. Z

    Newbie: Advice on my first MB to be! E320 Cdi Sport

    Hello everyone. I should be a proud owner of a merc soon. I need all the advice I can get as I have no knowledge with regards to MBs. I just sold my motorcycle as I'm about to get married and the wifey doesn't want to take a risk riding with me on the bike. I am looking at this E320 CDI sport...
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