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    URGENT !! ML270 Auto Box No Neutral / Park signal

    Afternoon, The ongoing saga of my ML270... I have Starting issues where the Starter solonoid will not get an earth switch signal after the car has been driven, thus when I turn off the engine it will not start again until cooled down. Had an auto electrician out today who can see with...
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    1985 SEC 500 starting problems...

    Just getting my SEC 500 back on the road after a few years resting in the garage;). All good until turned ignition key to hear the tap tap tap of what I think is the solenoid or starter motor? Any advice?
  3. K

    My Mercedes E-200 Won't Start

    My Mercedes E200 1997 car starts with the turning of the key but does not get to the kick-on point - just draining the battery. Attempts were made to jumpstart it with the power pack but still it did not start. The car is now located in a yard along Shepcote Lane, Sheffield. I need it sorted...
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    Intermittent starting fault C230K 1999 Vin:WDB2020242F910191

    MB Member Television computer is down but thinks: This leaves a couple of things, some have the K38 starter lock out relay( where is this located on car?) and these are known to have poor connections on the spade push on connectors or is it the main starting one (where is this located on car?) ...
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    W211 starter motor relay fuse blowing

    Can someone please help. Called out the AA when the car wouldnt turn over and they diagnosed a blown 20 amp starter relay fuse. Once changed the car started but the same fuse has blown twice more since. Does anyone know if this a common problem and what may be causing it. Thanks in advance.
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    engine won't turnover on key C230K 1999

    car started drove to work. After lunch ,engine not turning over, called AA. Battery ok, brake light switch operating ok, instrument lights and all other electric seem OK. AA man tried tapping starter, then went under car and bridged the solenoid to the starter, we now have a running engine the...
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