stuck in gear

  1. M

    BAS/ESP warning on!

    Hey guys, I've been getting this warning light for a while now. When driving, the car refuses to exceed first gear. I am getting a BAS/ESP warning light, so I looked around the forums and a new brake sensor seemed to help quite a few people. I went out and purchased one for AU$15, put it in and...
  2. Z

    w210 won't shift from Drive or Neutral

    I have an E220 CDI, w210 body, 2002 which I bought recently. Within a few days I discovered that often, when I stop I can not shift to R or P. The gearshift only moves between D and N. I can not take the key out or drive backwards. Usually, after I stop I can shift once, but if I try to shift...
  3. P

    C 180 W203 (97 estate) - ABS problems

    Had an ABS light come on (which also disabled the cruise control). Garage diagnosed as FL sensor. Changed by garage and everything was great for 2 days. Then again ABS light came on and also car went into 'limp mode' and stuck in 2nd (?) gear only. Took it into garage that had replaced FL...

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