tailgate wiper

  1. Chrishazle

    S204 Rear Wiper - Intermittent Is Too Slow

    On my 2008 S204 the tailgate wiper has only wash and intermittent settings. In the filthy rain yesterday it was almost useless as it only wipes about once every 10 seconds. Thankfully the wing mirrors are excellent, otherwise I would have had almost no rear visibility most of the time! Is...
  2. J

    New member needs help rear tailgate wiper not working

    Hi i have a 2003 c220 cdi estate and the rear wiper has stopped working,about 3 months ago it would not stop on a journey down to Wales and i had to pull the relay out in the fuse box behind the first aid kit.I replaced relay when i got home and it worked fine,the wiper started going slow a few...

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