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    CLK Fuel Problem

    Hi All. Newbie on here :) I have a 2006 CLK 200 petrol convertible and it's developed a fuel problem. Despite having half a tank of fuel remaining I am "running out of fuel". The gauge is correct - it shows half a tank - and if I fill up it will only take half a tank's worth of fuel...
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    Fuel tank not levle - engine cut off

    Hi I'm new to this forum and I could use some good advise from you guys. Recently my W203 220 CDI 2003 cut off in the middle of the road without any bad or wired noise coming from the car, it just turned off by it self. The diesel gauge is showing that is has half tank of fuel. I couldn't...
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    MB W211 220CDI Fuel return issues

    I have a MB W211 E220 CDI 2004 and recently I had a problem with the lift pump in the sending unit that stopped working. I replaced for a new pump and everything was working correctly. For some time now, I noticed that the dashboard said there was 1/4 fuel, but the car don't start. I...
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    Fuel tank with increased capacity (80 l)

    Hi all, My W211 E280 petrol has the increased capacity fuel tank and I was wondering if the fuel gauge and range computer are recalibrated for that? The reason why I ask is that I've driven the car down to a range of only 5 miles remaining and then when I've filled up it's taken 72 litres...

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