telephone control unit

  1. kgd

    W211 E350 sport . 20006. 11,220 miles Command System Problem

    I wonder if I can ask for some advice. I was given last night an 06 W211 E350 sport with only 11200 miles on it. The car is factory fresh having been garaged since new and used rarely in London. It has all the bells and whistles including Command but.. There is no telephone system or indeed...
  2. DavyYoung

    Help needed from a Fone guru

    Hi all, can I ask for some help on yet another telephone question ? I have been trying to get the prewired kit in my 05 E320 W211 to work. Well I thought it was prewired, now I dont know. It has the connector in the centre arm rest, to which I have connected a SAPv2, nothing shows up. I...

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