1. G

    W211 E280 OM642.920 Torque settings for drive belt tensioner and pulleys

    Good morning folks I have searched high and low and cannot get a definitive set of torque values for the three bolts holding my drive belt tensioner and two idler pulleys. Most of the forums show a tensioner with two bolts, but mine only has one bolt; please see the attached diagram from my...
  2. M

    Replacing (tensioner) pullies and belt

    This thread is about a Mercedes A140 W168 elegance (1999/2000) Hi there! I'm new to this forum, so if this thread isn't posted at the right subfora, please remove if necessary. Besides that, English is not my native language, so please forgive and correct me if I used the wrong (technical)...
  3. T

    Serpentine Belt Tensioner - W203 - Help !

    I have just bought a C 180 M203 reg 2003 estate which lost the tension in the serpentine belt. On inspection the belt tensioner dropped out of the engine and it appears that the bolt running down the center of the spring has sheared. The rest of the bolt is still on the engine and loose...
  4. T

    Rear seatbelt tension

    Having just bought a 2004 C coupe I am extremely anxious to remedy the follwing "fault" as it is safety related. The rear seatbelts are a bit lethargic at recoiling back when unclipped, enough to pass an MOT (as it has recently been MOT'd) but not great. However, having recently changed from a...
  5. J

    W168 A140 Timing Chain rattle

    Hi, I have a W168, A140 that has a rattle sound noticeable on idle and getting worse over time. The poly v belt, and tensioner jockey have been replaced and have made no difference. A MB mechanic has now said that the noise is the timing chain, but declinded to give price as it is more that...
  6. L

    Tensioner removal replacment

    :(:(Hi Guys First time on here so forgive me any mistakes. I have just replaced the water pump on mr sl280 (r129) and am struggling to get the belt tension correct again cant seem to get the correct sequence of setting the tensioner!! any info much appreciated. cheers Mike
  7. D

    C180 (94) serpentine tensioner wear?

    Hi. There is mechanical noise coming from the front of the engine of my petrol C180 1994. I suspected one of the ancillary components so I removed the serpentine belt and moved each pulley in turn. There was no end float on the serpentine tensioner but I could rock it top to bottom and feel...

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