1. P

    C Class 205 wheels with TPMS

    4 Wheels, 3 unmarked one with some marks, no dents or damage, 225/15x17 2 with new tyres 2 will need replacing soon. all with working TPMS just bolt them on and the car will recognise them. £400 ono collection from Bristol
  2. anyweb

    adding TPMS to non-TPMS tires...

    hi, my current wheels/tires don't have TPMS and i wish they did, i did a quick google and found these for my W213, edit: my car is TPMS ready and I have TPMS sensors on my Winter wheels, my summer wheels do not have the sensors yet but i want to add them. I found this...
  3. E

    TPMS Sensors

    Has anybody on here bought a set of sensors for a C Class 205? If so, any recommendations as prices per set vary from £90 on Ebay, upwards to £400 if you go to NTS. Just fitted winter wheels from previous car, but no TPMS on these, so want to get rid of warning lights! All advice welcome...
  4. C

    TPMS fault

    So ladies and gents, at 8090 miles I have a TPMS fault. My trusty i980 tells me "faulty connection to sensor #3". Question, is this an expensive fix, and is it covered under warranty? Car was delivered in late February.
  5. K

    SL500 R230 TPMS

    My SL500 is currently fitted with the standard 17" alloy wheels. The car has TPMS fitted from new (from 2003). The TPMS appears to be operating as it should on all wheels. It's showing 2.1 bar at each wheel and there is no warning message. However my local CostCo have checked them over using a...

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