tyre wear

  1. twocups

    LH rear tyre worn excessively on outer half (B Class / W245)

    I realise I need to take the vehicle in to a garage to have it properly assessed, but pre-empting that, any thoughts on what could be causing this curious uneven wear pattern on my LH (nearside) rear tyre? - to the left of the approximate centreline of the tyre, the surface pattern is pretty...
  2. E

    Major tyre wear at the very inner part of inside shoulder

    Hi, i have had a look at some of the threads on this but couldn’t see one that covered my exact problem (if there is one that I’ve missed, I’m sorry!). My e250 cdi amg (2012) estate goes through tyres incredibly quickly 5-6k miles). The wear is on the innermost part of the inner shoulder front...
  3. motocod

    W211 tyres - what do you use?

    Hi folks, I have a very beloved and trusty 2005 W211 E270, now with around 160k on the clock, having added around 100k myself over the last five and bit years. It's a brilliant car, and has been mercifully inexpensive to run and pretty trouble-free. The only possible niggle is it seems to get...
  4. D

    C180 (94) lower arm wear?

    Hi I am pretty sure a drivers side lower arm bush is worn but would like it confirmed if possible. I have tyre wear on the insides of both front tyres and a grinding noise and sliding effect on slow, tight right hand turns. I have jacked up the front of the car and levered all the suspension...
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