1. mark.s

    LED Light upgrade

    Hi All, Just wanted to do a shout out to @LEDUpgradesUK after the CLS got the LED upgrades for interior, doors and boot lights makes such a big difference at night. The kits can be posted or fitted if your near to the Horsham area. for more info PM Steve @LEDUpgradesUK
  2. S

    W202 instrument cluster upgrade

    Hello everyone, I recently purchesed a 1998 C-Class C180. It came with the cream fabric seats which I have upgraded to leather. I was lookin @ the white instrument cluster as an upgrade from my black one. Anyhoo my question is could this be done or would I have a problem with this. And anyone...
  3. J

    W203 Speaker Upgrades

    Hi All, I've been thinking of upgrading the speakers since installing my Pioneer AVH-3500DAB head unit (4 x 50W RMS output). I was planning to start with the front pair then maybe do the rear as well. But the other day one the rear passenger side speaker starting making horrible buzzing...
  4. L

    R230 Keyless Go - Upgrade?

    Hi - my 2003 SL55 has Keyless go but I have no key-card for it. Is there any way of upgrading the keyless go to the more modern, sliver key fob type? (i.e. no separate card required?). I've seen a couple of past threads on this but no definitive answer. Would the Keyless go module need replacing...
  5. B

    New Engine in 280 SE 1963 (Petrol or Diesel)

    Good Afternoon, I'd greatly appreciate any advice on this matter: I am considering upgrading the engine of a 1963 280 SE Mercedies to either a 300 D of 300 petrol. I will only be using the car occasionally but would rather a bitt more power than the curent 220 engine that is in a bad...
  6. Chrishazle

    W203 C Class Audio 10 Removal

    Since I acquired my first MB - a C270 - in early October last year and joined this forum, I've seen quite a few threads asking about removing / upgrading the Audio 10. Admittedly on another forum, but someone has taken the trouble to fully document, with photos, how to do this. The link is ...

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