vacuum pump

  1. moj91

    OM656 Failed Vacuum/Oil Pump and loss of braking.

    I thought i had better write up my current situation with my 2020 E400d. (December 2019 build date) Bought the car in June, 1 year old. Apart from the boot lid opening itself once in a while and a very occasional issue with the gear stalk not selecting properly (and the 20" wheels getting...
  2. N

    Brake Vacuum Pump

    Hi, I have a Mercedes S350 2010 Diesel, had a experience on Thursday where the brakes went hard and could not stop the car. Recently had a replacement brake pump fitted, Would the vacuum brake pump work if it was either a pump from a petrol or a Diesel?
  3. G

    1997 SLK 230 PSE Query

    Hi, I've just bought a 1997 SLK 230 last weekend and I have to say I'm over the moon with it! I've had a few Mercedes in the past, 1984 500SE, 1991 300SE, 1984 230E etc but this is my first convertible and I'm genuinely really astounded by the build quality compared to my 1996 Alfa Romeo GTV...
  4. A

    W124 230TE auto 1991 - battery drain/auto central locking foibles

    My last thread start today, I promise. Battery Drain I've got a battery drain problem which I suspect is down to water shorting something - maybe the central locking vacuum pump, which (I've gathered from other threads here) is hidden somewhere under the luggage area, and is a known suspect...

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