1. Mizdavilly

    W168 start error

    Hi everyone. I have a mercedes benz A class w168 and I had it for years and nothing wrong with it , the other day while I was starting it up it the engine revolved slowly as of it was a cold start it moved but when I tried to start it again it showed start error massage. What I have done so far...
  2. M

    Replacing (tensioner) pullies and belt

    This thread is about a Mercedes A140 W168 elegance (1999/2000) Hi there! I'm new to this forum, so if this thread isn't posted at the right subfora, please remove if necessary. Besides that, English is not my native language, so please forgive and correct me if I used the wrong (technical)...
  3. M

    W168 after 1 month stopped, problem with at D gearbox

    Hello all, Can i ask for a class w168 automatic gearbox. I forgot keys and after 1 month half i make a new key and i turn on the car. But the problem is when i put on D the gearbox, the car take the 1st after 1second and give a hard pushed. I diagnosed the gearbox and no error code. The...
  4. B

    Forum newbie: Excited!

    I've been reading and enjoying this excellent forum for quite a while, so I figure it's time I made a contribution... My late father always wanted a W113 Pagoda (silver, red seats) but never quite managed it, nor did his father realise his own dream of an SL190 (silver, red seats). So, I...
  5. M

    Do the same roof bars fit W168 & W169 A-Class?

    Simple enough question. I'm looking at buying some roof bars for my W169 A-Class. I've seen some (Mercedes made) ones offered for sale, that fit a W168, but can not find any information on whether they also fit the W169. I know that the ones from other companies like Thule do, but I don;t...
  6. A

    W169 A Class 1.5 2005 Heater Blower Resistor, where and how?

    Hi Im just trying to find instructions to 'find' and 'fit' a Heater Blower Resistor in my W169 Merc. If anyone can help Id be most grateful as Ive had no luck so far. I need to do it this weekend if possible. Cx
  7. S

    Hi and Mercedes A Calss w168 Torque Settings

    Hi there, First post here so hello! My wife's w168 is seriously injured (one broken front spring on left, and disintegrating lower spring cup/plate on front right). I have the new shocks and springs, but no information on Torque settings for the bolts at the bottom of the shock to connect...
  8. J

    W168 A140 Timing Chain rattle

    Hi, I have a W168, A140 that has a rattle sound noticeable on idle and getting worse over time. The poly v belt, and tensioner jockey have been replaced and have made no difference. A MB mechanic has now said that the noise is the timing chain, but declinded to give price as it is more that...
  9. K

    High octane in A190 (W168)?

    Hi, I have got A190 petrol automatic (2001). I was wondering if i can use high octane RON97 or RON99 (Tesco Super Unleaded 99) instead of RON95 in it. As per manual it recommends minimum 95 RON but i was not sure if higher RON will cause any problem to engine. Any help would be...
  10. F

    w168 rear boot badge

    Hey guys, anyone know anywhere i can get a good quality replacement boot badge for a w168 a140? I've called merc but i think they'll quite an amount of money for a badge thats ridiculous, so does anyone know of any good suppliers? jim PS this is all because of some little bandits tearing...
  11. F

    A class centre console fascia sets

    Does anyone know where I can get cheap centre console fascia stickers for a w168 with like the black or wood effect. They used to be on eBay for about 60 qud but they seem to had doubled recently, any ideas?
  12. F

    problems fitting bee sting aerial to W168

    hey, having a few problems fitting this to my A class w168, the bee sting aerial unit is being stopped from going on by a metal unit underneath the aerial which had a screw inside (which i removed), where i gather the screw provided in the pack goes, but the screw isnt long enough and the aerial...
  13. F

    the w168 a class wheel off set

    i keep getting told different things for the size's for alloys that will fit my w168, ranging from 5.5j to as anything from merc thats the same production year! what i would really want to know is what range will actually fit and whether wheels from a w169 would fit on it, especially a nice set...

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