w211 issues

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    W211 ESP/ Heated Seats/ Hazard Light Unit Frozen

    Hi All, I have a 2003 W211 E Class, the bottom centre unit does not allow the CD arm to rise, the hazard lights do not go on or off, the heated seats are not functioning and the right hand seat heater light is fully illuminated and the unit is totally frozen. I am not too sure if it is...
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    2004 e320cdi IL6

    Hello All, Just wanted to say thank you for the forum, have come here on a number of occasions regarding both my current and previous mercedes. I just wanted to put some points together regarding my specific model of E class for anyone thinking of buying one, i know for many this is an old car...
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    I need a bit of help friends. :(

    Hi. Yesterday while I was taking care of the sunroof I was putting synthetic teflon grease TC2 on sunroof tracks for about 30 minutes. The radiator cooler doesn't start because there's an old problem. I was keeping on eye the water temperature on dashboard, was around 80 celsius, not more...
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    2003 W211 service manual

    Hi every one, I am buying a 2003 W211 (E 240) Sedan from an auction. It has been a police car and now they are selling it to private owners. They told me that it has the police dash installed but they are providing the elegant front dash and 4 sets of tires and AMG alloys with the car...

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