w212 e220

  1. W


    Hello All, im new on the forum and have just bought a 2012 E220 CDI RHD. From what ive read it appears to have an NTG 4 unit though im not entirely sure. I would like to get and Android screen that will integrate with the existing head unit so that i dont loose any of the other features i have...
  2. Nicolae

    Front Sam coding - w212 - E220 - Birmingham

    Hi all, A few months ago my car broke down. After a long inspection at a MB specialist garage, they gave me the diagnostic. Front Sam unit needs replacement and also The TCU is broken ( speed sensor ). I had the Front Sam unit replaced with and used one,cause was cheaper (450GBP) but after the...
  3. D

    W212 - 7 different diesel engines?!

    Hello people, Looking to buy W212 2014/2015 (facelift) e220 saloon diesel. There is just one thing - I cannot get my head around why there are so many different engines with different specs - I found 7. I tried to look for a pattern, but no luck. MPG varies both ways not depending on the year...
  4. S

    W212 Mercedes e200 with quad exhausts e63 amg

    Hope this helps. 1. Imported the amg e63 tips 2. cut the silencer (exhaust box) 3. split the exhaust into two pipes half the size 4. cut the diffuser (rear plastic) All work was carried out by style dynamic (£450 exc tips (£200)) As for the noise without the silencer - barely hear...

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