1. C

    New Owner - Best Garage North West/ North Wales

    Hi all, Well I finally treated myself to a Mercedes in the form of a C Class! Now wondering if there's any recommendations for independent Mercedes garages to get it serviced at in the North West/ North Wales? Its done 58k miles and is 8 years old but has never had the auto gearbox oil done...
  2. Jason1000000

    SL500 R230 ABC servicing

    Hi all. I’ve got myself a great 2004 SL500 that does have an ABC problem with the front left dropping when the car is left unused for a few days. When I start/ move forward it pumps back up straight away though. Can anyone advise somewhere between South Wales - Bristol area that specialises in...
  3. R

    Hello from Wales

    Hi all, Just an aspirational MB owner at the moment (I covet the W210 E55 AMG) and I'm looking forward to chat with as many of you as possible in the near future. Roger

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