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    No engine management light

    Hi All, My first post here. I have done some extensive searches but apologies if I missed something already posted. I bought a 2004 SLK 230 (R170) about a year ago. At the time (foolishly) I had not spotted that the engine management light was not coming on when the key was in the IGN...
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    battery problem?

    Hi All, Once again i find myself in need of assistance! My wife had to get the car (02 mercedes c220 avantguard) jump started in the early hours of this morning (she'd just completed a night shift). She stated that she'd noticed during the night that the interior light had come on (on its...
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    Warning Lamps Mystery - W124

    Could the warning lamps not going on when key is turned be related to battery not being charged when running? It seems I was running on battery for some time on a long journey without the battery lamp going on to show it wasn't charging. When breakdown arrived, we found the warning...

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