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  1. Pipemaster

    Water in the rear seat footwell -Roof water drain cover part number?

    I have a 2006 SL350 and have had water ingress into mainly the passenger (left) side rear foot well. Opening the roof half way I used an airline to blow out the drains from the gulley near the c-pillar. On one side there is a metal plate with a self tapping screw fixing it in place. The end of...
  2. C

    Waterleak in boot B Class

    Hi, I'm the proud owner of my first Merc - 2008 B 200 CD1 , my first automatic. Brilliant car. Just one small fault, when I checked the spare wheel well it contained at least a gallon of (clean) water sloshing about. I took liner out, dried it. Left it uncovered for about 10 days. Car left...
  3. D

    Water Ingress

    I have a 2010 Mercedes Benz E200 CGI Blue Efficiency Sport 2dr Tip Auto 2010 I am getting water in the rear footwells and it drains out from in front of the rear wheels. Its been into a Mercedes garage and they could not locate where the water is getting in. Has anyone had a similar issue or...
  4. H

    W203 Water Ingress in Boot - ESP fault

    Hi Guys :) I've long had an ABS/ESP/BAS malfunction warning on my dash and discovered about a year ago that it was probably something to do with water getting into the trunk/boot but I didn't know exactly where. After doing some Googling yesterday, I decided to strip down the flooring...
  5. J

    How to fix an MB top Box?

    All, I have just bought a used MB roof box (see the pictures) I obviously need to fit to my roof bars (not an MB) The fixings supplied are two sets of one foot long steel straps with threaded studs at each end. What is missing to fit these to roof bars which run across the car?
  6. C

    A Class (W169) Water Ingress to Battery Compartment

    I'd be interested to know if anyone has experienced or heard of an A-Class with the battery compartment full of water! It seems there is a drain hole somewhere beneath the windscreen (well out of sight and reach) that has become clogged with debris and leaves, resulting in water seepage...

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