1. G

    GL63 brake pads wearing out fast

    I know it's a big fast car but it's driven quite sensibly by my wife. The car is one and a half years old and has done 21,000 miles. I have had to replace rear brake pads twice and front once.not cheap! To be this seems strange?? It does a lot of short low speed journeys on school...
  2. M

    Inside tyre wear + what tyres for W211 220 CDi (16" Rim)

    Hi all, Having suffering from vibration on the rear of my W211 I took it down to my local tyre place today and he has stated that one of the rears are out of shape and the other 3 are worn badly on the inside so he says all 4 need replacing. Is this normal behaviour on a W211? My guy says...
  3. J

    Warranty claim - Mechanical failure or wear and tear?

    I have a dispute with my warranty company who state that an air bellow on the suspension which has split and is leaking air causing the car to lower on that corner is a result of wear and tear and not a mechanical failure and it is therefore not covered by the policy. Can anyone suggest...
  4. E

    Falcen Tyres

    Hi All, Just phoned my local suppliers of Kumho tyres to find that they are in back order for 245 40 R17 91W and no prospect of early supply. They are offering Falcen ZE912 instead, one local guy even saying that they are better than Kumhos at a similar price, £103.20 incl. Has anybody...
  5. zedmeister

    CLK320 W208 rear tyre wear - Continental

    Hi there, I have the stock 16" alloys on my 2002 CLK 320 Elegance. On the left rear a Continental Sport Contact 2 205 55 R16 91W MO fitment. The right was also fitted at the same time quite a few thousand miles ago. The right then needed changing due to an unrepairable puncture when they were...

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