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  1. MechPhil

    How to fix a W123 manual window winder mechanism!!

    One of those irritating problems (one of VERY VERY few) with the W123 series is that the manual window winder (or window regulator, as it is often called) mechanisms fail. Considering the age of these vehicles, and the fact that in South Africa they were most beloved by farmers who used them as...
  2. H

    C Class 2002 electric window malfunction

    Guys I have a 2002 c class avant-garde 270 CDI The front drivers side window has started misbehaving. When I try to close the window it stutters going up then down. Then have to keep trying and eventually it makes it to the closed position. Would like to know: How to remove door panel...
  3. G

    ml320 window stuck in down position please help

    hi this is my first post so any help would be great,the drivers front window on my ml is stuck in the down position any ideas or is it a main dealer job ,all other windows work finethere is no noise coming from the door when i pull switch in the up direction but a very slight dull thud when...

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