window switch

  1. adamh


    So from the rear drivers side (RHD), inside the car, only when I drive, there is an intermittent loud click, seems to be coming from the panel below the rear quarter light which is electric. At the moment the power window has stopped working and also the seat belt presenter( although the latter...
  2. S

    Electric windows error

    The drivers side window has begun to open by itself. It can happen while the car is parked and locked overnight, or sometimes repeatedly when I am driving. Sometimes when I am pressing the button to close the window, it is fighting repeatedly to come down. It never closes automatically, the...
  3. G

    ml320 window stuck in down position please help

    hi this is my first post so any help would be great,the drivers front window on my ml is stuck in the down position any ideas or is it a main dealer job ,all other windows work finethere is no noise coming from the door when i pull switch in the up direction but a very slight dull thud when...
  4. coolhans

    500 SEC rear window switch

    Can anyone help me? I have a problem with the rear window switch on my recently acquired SEC. This is the switch in the rear of the car not in the centre console. When I bought the car although the rear window would go up and down from the front, it would only go down in the back. I ordered a...
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