windscreen wiper problem

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    Broken Windscreen Wiper Clip

    Hi everyone! New to this forum so hope this is the right place to ask this! Recently tried putting on new wiper blades on my 2017 A-Class, and one of the clips that you attach the blade into broke... The new blades didn't come with these and I've contacting Halfords to see if they sell them...
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    CLK wipers only work when I spray water

    Hello All, I have a CLK 240 convertible 2003 W209 model. My wipers do not work anymore. The only way I can use them is when I physical press the "water spray" button. Do you know what the problem is?:confused:
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    W203 Wiper Problem

    Hello. This is my first post here so please forgive me if I inadvertently break any rules! I have a 2003 C180k and it has just developed a problem with the passenger windscreen wiper. It does not move when the wipers are activated. The drivers side one works fine. When I try to move the...
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