1. T

    [Spares] Winter Mud / Snow TYRES and WHEELS (4 of) etc! W202, C200 etc

    Hi all. I've got Continental TS830 tyres with very good tread fitted to 4 C200 / W202 wheels. these were the Top Of Range recommended WINTER / SNOW / MUD tyres and were excellent for the one year I used them (October to end March). Balanced and ready to fit. i can send photos to anyone...
  2. C

    Winter tyres challenge

    Right then gents, here's a challenge for you. I need to get winter tyres for the bus (W211 estate) to suit the following: Fr: 245/40R18 Rr: 265/35R18 What would you recommend and from where? I'm struggling to get a set of quality matching tyres fr & rr at a decent price.
  3. P

    [Spares] Winter tyres

    I have a set of 4 Dunlop Winter Sport tyres for sale, which I used on my Mercedes E220D coupe (I have recently sold the vehicle). I have used them for 2 winters and they still have good tread, between 5mm and 7mm depth. I didn't bother buying specific winter wheels; I just swapped them on/off...
  4. M

    [Spares] Winter Alloy Wheels and Tyres

    Selling my winter wheels due to change of car. Originally bought to go on my C250 2011 plate. They've been used for a couple of winters but I mainly do motorway miles so still a good depth of tread. The tyre bags are also included. There is one slight nick on one of the alloys (see pic)...
  5. Spy

    [Spares] WINTER Tyres with Alloys

    Winter is here and snow is forecast for the UK so this is the perfect time to get some winter tyres for your Mercedes. I have a virtually as new set (x4) of winter tyres fitted to MB alloys that will transform the handling of your Merc in the snow and cold temperatures. I originally bought...
  6. T

    [Spares] Winter tyres for sale

    I have 4 Kleber Wintrack tyres 225/55/R16.(no wheels) Had 4 months use only on my 2004 220CDI E class Very good condition. Cost £519.94 -invoice available for inspection.Sold car in the summer. Open to reasonable offers.
  7. 6

    [Spares] A Class W169 17" Alloy wheels (had them on my C Class W204) What am I selling ? A set of four original Mercedes Benz alloy wheels from an A Class. (See photos 1-5). No tyres are included in this sale. Condition Various scratches and kerbing to all the...
  8. moj91

    W220 S-Class Wheels Question

    Hi All, I'm looking for winter wheels for our S-Class 320CDi. It is a 2005 with the standard brakes of that year. On the 'sticky' link at the top, there is a site with a list of wheels and sizes etc. Can anyone tell me if the 16 inch versions (such as is seen with the spare wheels)...
  9. T

    [Spares] For sale 4 e class 17"alloys with Pirelli tyres

    I have 4 w212 17" e class alloys for sale. I bought them to put winter tyres on and to check out the ride with 17" wheels rather than my 18". Some of the wheels are a bit curbed but all hold air with no problems. They all have legal tyres on. Can courier at about £50 or collect from...
  10. I

    snow "tyre socks" ... E-class help please ...

    I have bought a new E350 CDi - coupe - sports - and my rear tyres are: 255 35 R 18 97 Y ... I want to get "tyre socks" for the rear tyres but no manufacturer makes them for this specific tyre! Any suggestions or alternatives please? thank you, Varun :confused:
  11. T

    New Tyres or Snow Tyres for C250 Sport

    Hi Im driving a C250 Sport and after last year am dreading winter. Although I love my car, its horrific in the snow, slush, ice. I ended up filling the boot with water barrels to try to get traction, but still got stuck everywhere! Anyway, not I have moved jobs out to the country, where...
  12. M

    Winter Tyres - 2008 E320 Sport

    Hi, I've just purchased a new (second-hand) E320 CDi Sport '08 plate. As the weather is shockingly bad at the moment, I've not had a chance to run it since it was delivered this week. I'm looking to invest in a set of new alloys and winter tyres. However, I've been unable to get a straight...

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