wiper intermittent

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    W251 R Class - wipers stopped working, not fuse or relay, your help required

    Hello, I have W251 R Class 320, 2006 VIN WDC2510222A011080 Recently wipers stopped working but after restart they were working again, and after a day I had different fault. Gearbox would not select gear and car would not move. I switched off, switched on, would not move, afetr 3 times Off ON...
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    Intermittent indicator stalk

    Hi - First post in this forum so please bear with me! Our car has an intermittent fault with the indictator/windscreen wipers control stalk. For days it works perfectly and then the next day it either doesn't work or it does the opposite. If it indicates left but you've clicked it right, if...
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    Intermittent intermittent wiper

    Not a typo . . . Sometimes my intermittent setting works fine. Sometimes it doesn't work, other times it works for a while then stops. I am assuming a poor connection somewhere , but any thoughts as to where? Jon

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