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    Diagnosing wipers not working on W124

    Hi, Having procrastinated about stripping down and re-greasing the wiper mechanism on my 1990 300TD Estate, due to the fact that it had the early, screwed on aluminium rather than plastic clip on wiper mechanism cover (and not having read the suggestion to drill a hole in the bottom of the...
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    Help -Wiper not working But working!

    Hi All Apoligies if this is not in the right section..... wasnt sure where to post it I have a 2003 C200 coupe The wipers have stopped working within the normal automatic settings, however they work when i press the one wipe (washer wipe) so it must not be the motor.... I took it to...
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    A150 wiper fault

    Hi, I have searched the forums for an answer to this, but with no joy. My wife's A150 (2005) has developed a wiper fault, the front wipers work fine on single wipe (push the stalk) and on washwipe (again push the stalk, but harder). When you select any of the settings by rotating the...

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