1. Looksexpensive

    Anyone local to the Cotswolds with star/xentry? I need my Ecu updated

    Have tried everything with this car that has no start no crank and no commas with ecu. Had electrical guy out who said ecu replace... had ecu cloned.... waste of money ( I checked it myself later and it has 5v ref and check engine displayed) . All electrics on front Sam seem fine except for a...
  2. mshah70

    W211 low fuel pressure under hard acceleration star code 22e7

    Hello Owner of merc w211 e220 Cdi 2007 226k I am having low fuel pressure issues. Star diagnostic code 22e7 Check high pressure control ‘rail pressure too low’ When i open up the throttle (hard acceleration) going up a hill or on motorway, the engine light comes on and car goes into limp...

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