12v Socket Placement in boot W176

David Richardson

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May 7, 2011
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W176 Blue Eff CY Sport CDI & C Class Coupe 2002 220CDI
I didn't have a 12v supply socket in the boot of my car so decided to fit one using parts purchased from E Bay for under a tenner.
Bought a fused socket, piggy back fuse & a length of suitable cable. I drilled a 22mm hole in the side trim & fitted the socket & cable through the hole, then fed the wire behind the trim panel & lower door step trim to the fuse box in the passenger footwell, finally connecting up the supply to the existing ignition fed supply for the front 12v socket. Easy & only took just over an hour
DSCN1728-min.JPG DSCN1731-min.JPG DSCN1735-min.JPG DSCN1728-min.JPG DSCN1731-min.JPG DSCN1735-min.JPG
Finally to sit back & enjoy a glass of locally brewed ale.:):)
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