2016 B Class CarPlay Question


Sep 21, 2020
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B Class 180 (2016)
Hi there,

I recently purchased my first Mercedes, a 2016 B Class 180.

Whilst trying to get everything set up I noticed a reference to CarPlay within the system guide however the option doesn't seem to be available when my phone is plugged in.

I have looked at ordering one of the aftermarket installation modules that you plugin into the ODB socket, but I am unsure if my model is compatible.

My physical 'Certificate of Conformity' document (direct translation) says that the model of the vehicle '245 G' but it seems most B Class' from 2016 are referred to as 246 models. I have checked the VIN also and can see that I have the 'AUDIO 20 RADIO NAVIGATION CAPABLE NTG5' installed so I'm just a bit confused as to if this solution will work.

Alternatively, is this something that Mercedes could install at a garage if I asked them to?

Many thanks.

Specialist in parts for W140 and R129 Mercedes-Benz models.
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