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Jun 30, 2020
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2016 GLC diesel

have a couple of questions in setting up my new GLC 2016 Diesel.

auto connect to my phone - i have connected my phone and my wifes through the telephone option. but when i then want to play music do i always need to go through settings etc to connect to it in teh media option? why wont it hold the last stored connected device (mine)

sat nav setup, can i just buy a SD card with maps to activate this or do i need to purchase a full system?

internet connection for DAB stations, - i found an option for internet connection including browser and internet radio but cannot connect/tether my phone (iphone 9) any help on what to do? do i need a wifi dongle for the USB slots for example instead of my phone?

ALEXA echo Auto - does anyone have one of these that were just released? woudl it solve some of the issues above? mostly want it to voice control music although maps and traffic would be good.

Finally - auto stop/start doesnt seem to work at all. i have the circle with A inside but it is crossed out and never seems to activate. been told it might be battery related but also that the driving mode needs to be right. any suggstions?

thanks all


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Oct 8, 2015
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You do have to connect the phone separately for telephone and BT audio but, once done, it shouldn’t need doing each time. This is from the manual:

Sat Nav - I’m assuming you have Garmin as Comand should work straight away. It depends on whether you have the pre-wiring and necessary box but I don’t know enough about the Garmin system to advise further. The guys at Comand Online will know and if you email your VIN to them, they can tell you what you need.

You should be able to tether your iPhone, mine works with my 6S. Check to ensure your phone is set up as a “Personal Hotspot”. In my experience, the Mercedes system in the car is so slow when tethered that it is virtually useless so don’t expect too much.

Alexa - have no experience but I doubt it will work with a Mercedes system from 2016.

Stop/Start - uses all sorts of parameters but will only work when battery level is sufficient. If yours is the original battery, it may be a bit too old to cope. As it is a new car which may have been standing for some time, give it a few weeks and a few miles to see what happens. Mine wasn’t used much during lockdown and it took several 80 miles plus round trips before it turned green again even though the car started fine and the battery “seemed” fully efficient.

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