260e rh rear window.not.working

Adam Waite

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Nov 27, 2020
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260e w124 1990
Hi, my partners has a 260e and the rear rh passenger window has stopped working all of a sudden. We check and replaced the fuses with new ones, and still nothing, so we pulled the door panel off, and tried to test if there is any power to the window motor, and can't seem to figure out if there is, we are trying to check the control unit under the lh side of the rear seat.. but no idea how to check it for power as the plugs are hard to remove.. any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. TIA


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Nov 18, 2013
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clk3202001,sl6002003 with everything regrettably sold ,A class 170cdi auto. NG/TF1800 ML250
With a meter connected black to a good earth, door bolt or strap operate the switch and probe motor socket with red meter wire any live show up.? If not find feed to that socket and check there. Set meter 0,20v range, not on continuity. At times wires breaks where it enters door from body.

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