A Class A160


Mar 21, 2008
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Hello Experts
Having changed the Oxygen sensor, Getting The Maf Fixed. I got the car started. but not without sparying a lot of Easy Start in the air intake. ( This tells me there is a fuel supply problem on start up ) Once the car started It Idels fairly well suggestion the Fuel pump is working.
Now once I switched off the engine the car will Not Start on its this is leading me to think the Throttle assy is faulty, But Tests ok with a Ohm Meter. All Sliders are ok and measure
a gradual increase and decrease of resistance. The Question is The Butterly
On Startup should it Close totally to allow for Rich Fuel Mixture or is there something else which controls the fuel delivery at startup.
When I looked at the butterfly the assy out it was slightly open.
I am assuming this would be the Idle position.
Has anyone faced this problem I would be most grateful on any assistance.
This is becoming a full time thinking occupation.:mad:
Thanks Jan

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