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Sep 5, 2007
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mercedes e270cdi
hi,i own a e200{w210-2 litre petrol}, and my ac is only performing approx.35% of its capacity....there is no air{hot/cold} coming from the rear vent-thats on the drivers left armrest..and although i can feel cold air coming from drivers front/passengers vents, it seems so ineffective.

i did have a re-gas last year and because of the mild summer, did not really use it that much.however,did take it back to the garage to state that, it was not really improved-reply was ,it could be a leak{wish he,d told me before they re-gassed}..
i read somewhere,that i could have a blockage which is preventing my rear vents incapable, but i don,t know how to check this..can someone please advise how to clear debris from a blocked vent..or any other advise most welcome..thanks.

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