Airco ML270CDi 2001


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Jan 8, 2008
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ML 270CDi 2001.
Right about two months ago had the aircon re gassed which lasted all of a month, took it back and without quibble they re gassed it. I think the ML takes about 750-800 grams of aircon fluid. It evacuates the system first (recovers the gas) which showed that there was 172 grams of gas recovered, a leak I hear you all shout, yes but where, cause it does a 15 minute leak test under vacuum. Result no leaks ? so it regassed and all has been well until now when I really want the aircon to work and it is about 2 degrees cooler than the 27 outside. not exactly a chill factor. Anyone else had this sort of problem. As the car was bought in the winter second hand not much point to check the airco as it was already minus 5 outside. Any clues what can be lets say porous to the gas but not porous enough to show up on a vacuum test?

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