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Jun 10, 2021
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Hello MB advisor

Please can any expert advise the below.

I have a very low (25,000 mileage at time of fault, car age less than 4 years old) car is 2016, Mercedes C Class, C350e very well maintained and well serviced by MB dealer with recorded service history. The fault' The airmatic was stuck high i.e. does not lowered when travelling greater than 80km. The dash message says " Malfunction". Beside very surprise due to low mileage and the age of the car when this happens in 2020. Long story short, after covid-19 lockdown, I got this changed as advised the MB dealer. After the change the car fails National Car Testing (NCT), i.e.(MOT equivalent). It reported suspension imbalance (front left was major fail). I notice the height of the car (in all wheels from chassis) is not at the same height. I paid and revisit MB again (third time) spending over €1500. MB can't determine suspension issues but only based on what the NCT report says. The MB dealer did not do the recalibrate process that I insisted (and paid) for this extra calibration on the third attempt. Still they did not do the Recalibration. As i'm aware if the height is not the same in all wheels. This is not a suspension issues which MB claim I need to change my suspension (which again costing another €1600).

I believe this is a calibration issues that must be done to rule out first before looking at the suspension, which again I would be really surprise (and would contact MB headquarters) If their is a suspension faulty due to the age and mileage of the car.

Please can anyone advise.

Thanks and Regards,
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