Are the doors for E 250 Avantgarde saloon Auto 2012 the same as in E 220/300 ?

Do the doors of a Mercedes Benz E Class E220/300 2012 fit to an E 250 saloon Avantgarde 2012 model?

  • Yes the doors from Merc. Benz E 220/300 saloon 2011-2012 will fit an E 250 saloon Avantgarde 2012.

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  • Surely they will fit

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Jan 17, 2021
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E Class E 250 Avantgarde 4 doors saloon Auto Blue Tech 2012
I've recently acquired a Mercedes Benz E Class E 250 saloon 4 doors Auto Avantgarde 2012 and wondering if anyone knows for sure if the doors from an E 220/300 saloon same year or before, will fit the E 250 Avantgarde 2012?
Any accurate answer will kindly be appreciated.

Kind regards to anyone giving an answer or reading the post.

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