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Feb 18, 2021
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C220d AMG Line/2017/2.2
Hi All. Only had my car 2 days but was very surprised to find that there aren't speed camera warnings built into the sat nav. It's a Garmin system and Garmin offer this option on their products.
Mercedes do not. You can't buy it from the dealer, which is weird because they will sell you air freshener or washer bottle fluid at Mercedes prices but no amount if money will get you speed camera warnings from the dealer.
I found a workaround on the internet. It cost me £9 and needed me to remove the SD card and do some fiddling around on the laptop. Not rocket science by any means. I used POIBASE (other options are available (Pocket GPS, SCBD...) and I'm not on commission and don't have anything to do with the company).
First go it worked ok. A 10 mile drive to my nearest camera and it picked it up. The warning red bar came up but the text was in Chinese (possibly Japanese or Korean) but no big drama, I knew what it was for. Problem was no warning, unless above the speed limit by a fair bit, until I was almost past it. That might be ok, if its a 60 or 70 limit but, having been fleeced £100 for 54 in a 50 where I was actually slowing down, not that great. The solution is to fiddle around with the settings before loading it on the card. Second time it worked way better and you can set whatever distance you like before the camera. Rather than post teams about how to sort it, here's some links
Instructions from them
Further instructions from a German site (you'll need Google translate)
Further discussion on getting rid of Oriental characters is out on the internet somewhere but I've lost the link. Various files need to be backed up then deleted. You can also replace the Merc servicing POI's (we can all find a dealer on our phones if we need one) with the speed cameras but, not having driven the car since I did this, no idea what difference it makes. I'll update next week on how it's working.
If it doesn't work, I'll just have to buy a simple his based doofah and pop it in the cubby hole in the dash.


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Oct 8, 2015
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I use SCDB on mine (Comand, not Garmin) and it works very well with audio bongs beforehand depending in how many seconds you specify when you download the file. That works out at abbot £9 a year as well.

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